Top Reasons You Should Study Digital Marketing

We are firmly in the era of digital communication and this is most prevalent when it comes to business. There is no sector that is immune to the value of an online presence and no business that will not benefit from a digital marketing strategy. It is universal and it is vital which means, there will always be a need for a professional digital marketer. In this article we will look at the value of learning digital marketing and how our academy's courses can arm you with the tools and knowledge needed to become a pro!.

1. The digital ecosystem is growing

There are 5.18 billion internet users worldwide! This is 64.6% of the population of the entire planet.

Of this, 4.8 billion, or 59.9% are social media users. With more than half of the world's population within reach, literally at the push of a button, we have never been more connected. This also means that we are existing in a shared space where social media and e-commerce have permeated every aspect of daily life. This is an opportunity to engage and interact with your market on a level more intimate than ever before.

2. There is a high demand for digital marketers.

Businesses are acutely aware of the need for clever digital marketing. There are so many avenues to explore and such a vast and complex range of options, that the corporate world is beginning to recognise the need for expertise. Digital marketers can supply skills in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), social media marketing, and many other areas. As a result, specialists who understand digital marketing strategy and tactics are in high demand.

3. Cost-effective and high return on investment

Apart from the crucial need for an online marketing presence, digital marketing strategies are not only less expensive than traditional marketing but they also give a larger return on investment. Email marketing and pay-per-click advertising, for example, enable organisations to target a specific population, eliminating wasteful expenditures and increasing profitability.

4. Measurable and trackable outcomes

For the first time in marketing, the success, failure and response to campaigns can be tracked with detailed accuracy. Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics can provide a clear picture of what works and what doesn't. Never has there been more instant and insightful data on audience behaviour and interests. This data-driven strategy ensures that organisations can optimise their plans in real time.

5. Adaptability and flexibility

As with anything related to technology, it moves at breakneck speed with trends fluctuating, algorithms evolving, and new platforms regularly jostling for a place on the world stage. But, if you have a solid foundation in digital marketing, you can swiftly respond to these changes ensuring your strategies are always at the forefront of innovation.

6. Improves strategy and creativity

One of the most fascinating aspects of a career in digital marketing is its unique combination of skills including the marriage of creativity with strategy. This involves creating eye-catching images and posts for social media right through to constructing a thorough content strategy. Creative thought is however, at the centre of everything a digital marketer will do.

7. Increases trust and credibility

Because people can post reviews and express opinions online, trust and credibility in a brand can be generated through real life feedback and experiences. Many consumers will rely on this sort of insight to evaluate a brand before committing to becoming a customer. There is power in the voice of the people and human feedback is a valuable commodity in digital marketing.

8. Provides a wide range of career opportunities

Digital marketing comes in many forms and there are numerous opportunities for a person educated in the field. From content creation and SEO consultancy to social media management and PPC expertise, the list goes on. Now that you know why to study digital marketing, let’s find what’s best for you!

Why Our Digital Marketing Courses?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover everything from the basic concepts of marketing to sophisticated tactics in digital marketing.
  • Industry Experts: Our tutors are professional digital marketers and industry experts. This means you have access to real-world expertise and insights on your learning journey.
  • Practical Learning: While theory is important, we emphasise practical work to ensure that you are job-ready upon graduation.
  • Certifications: Our recognised certification will boost your credibility and appeal to potential employers.
  • Continuous Learning: We move as fast as the digital world around us so we offer our graduates frequent updates.

In a world that now exists online, digital marketing is no longer an optional skill, it is a necessity. Digital Marketing can open the door to a world of possibilities and a fascinating career that is both creative and analytical. Our academy is dedicated to guiding you each step of the way, giving you the tools, insights, and skills you need to become a digital marketing guru. Enrol today and take the next step in your career!


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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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