6 Must have free tools for digital marketers in 2022

Digital marketing is essential for brand exposure and business today. Every other brand has a website, social media presence, or digital ad plan. Consumers rely on digital content and marketing to learn about brands. Digital marketing has many options and strategies you can explore on a budget.

While developing new strategies and campaigns is enjoyable, it frequently entails a great deal of administrative work. Thankfully, numerous digital marketing software are designed to streamline the entire digital marketing lifecycle. This article covers 6 digital marketing tools that all digital marketers must have in 2022.

1. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has become such an essential part of life that most adults use it daily. Consistency is one way to keep in touch with your audience, and the way your post appeals is another. 

When you want to start a conversation with your audience, the quality of your visual content is critical. Many tools can help you organise or make things look much better. The more consistent and visually appealing your content is, the more people will be interested in it. But marketers need to make the most of these channels:


Socialbakers is an AI-powered social media management tool that provides superior client analysis, influence marketing discovery, and a visually appealing tracking dashboard and content feed. The consolidated content feed lets you see your posts across all platforms. You can also monitor an analytics dashboard and smart scheduling tools that recommend the best times to post.



Hootsuite, one of the earliest social media management platforms, allows you to create, schedule, and share content across channels. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Hootsuite is an intuitive, visual, and easy-to-use social media manager.

Its inbox feature allows you to manage public and private communication in one location, and its social listening and data analytics tools optimise and measure campaign success. Hootsuite is team-friendly and offers a free edition.

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2. Email Marketing Tools

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense, an AI e-mail marketing campaign tool, ensures that your emails are delivered at the optimal time for each client. This customised solution enables digital marketers to communicate with their clients more effectively, knowing that their emails get opened at the most appropriate time.

This AI tool also enhances email deliverability, raising the sender score. This is a critical metric for businesses that send many emails every week. However, Seventh Sense is only compatible with Hubspot and Marketo.



This popular tool is an all-in-one solution for creating email marketing campaigns. Pre-designed email templates and drag-and-drop capabilities enable you to compose professional emails and boost sales. In addition, you may manage and track several email campaigns in real-time to ensure their success.

Mailchimp is simple and complete. You can compose emails with graphics, GIFs, and personalised fonts, then A/B test to find the best one.

Even better, they offer a free email marketing service package for small businesses. It supports up to 2K contacts, one audience dashboard, segmentation features, and basic email templates. If you want more, check out their premium package.


3. Content Marketing Tools

Regarding digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be one of your most effective tools. However, SEO is a science, not an art, so you'll need to have some powerful tools at your disposal. Here are some of the SEO tools.


It is the most popular premium SEO tool worldwide. SEMrush is an essential all-in-one SEO tool, regardless of your experience in digital marketing. You can track your website performance and conduct keyword research with SEMrush. It will analyse your backlinks, evaluate your rank, and reveal more information about your competitors.

Furthermore, SEMrush lets you track your keywords' positions and find new ones to rank for. This tool provides keyword suggestions and ideas to help you optimise landing pages and blog posts.



Ahrefs is a dynamic and market-defying SEO platform that increases your website's traffic. Its abundance of amazing features, including keyword research, link-building, ranking tracking, traffic analysis, website audits, and competitor research and analysis, make it one of the most advanced platforms.

Ahrefs has many features that can help you improve your SEO and grow your digital marketing. But remember that this tool is a bit technical, so you'll need to learn how to use it properly.

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Digital marketing may be engaging, demanding, and intellectually gratifying. But much administrative work often goes along with it. 

By automating the tedious or challenging aspects of your digital marketing strategy, you can take the agony out of it by using tools like these and many others that are similar. 

You'll be able to concentrate on what you do best—creating original, engaging campaigns that attract new leads and put you one step ahead of the competition—once the admin is taken care of.


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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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