How to naturally increase Instagram followers

Almost 855 million Instagram and IGTV users browse the platform every day, which makes it have a relatively higher engagement ratio than the rest of the competitors. This platform can be a highly-targeted marketing channel for your business and an opportunity to build a loyal audience. 

Undoubtedly, the majority of Instagram users desire to climb the ladder of fame, but, unfortunately, most of them couldn’t reap out their intended results. Certainly, it is quite demotivating that you are struggling a lot to create quality content but still could not get the results as per your expectations.

We’ve compiled the secrets ways that can prove handy to naturally increase Instagram followers in 2020.

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Be Creative with Content Strategy

The most significant aspect that will assist you to maximize your Instagram strategy is to set a proper content strategy. To create an effective strategy, you need to keep few things in mind: Similar to other fields, Instagram success also requires consistency from your end. Therefore, staying active is important to get in touch with your followers and boost up engagement ratio. Remember to always be responsive to give a reply to your customer either at posts or inbox.

Make sure your content is what your followers want to see. Posting content beyond follower’s interests will surely incite the audience to lose interest in your brand. To check the interest of your fan base, test posting is common practice, in which you post the diversity of your content at different intervals. Weeks of testing will assist you to analyze the interest and optimal time to publish a post. It is much better to spend some time setting up the content strategy rather than wasting much time following useless strategies.

Enhance the quality of your content by using high-quality images. Instagram is a visual platform and here aesthetic is everything, so you should choose catchy photos. Make your captions eye-capturing too by bringing interest factor in it. Many profiles have adapted the technique of storytelling of particular picture into captions.

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Using hashtags wisely

Hashtags have become a powerful tool in digital marketing. Many social media successful campaigns were initiated just by hashtags. Whether you intend to raise your voice or to enhance the connectivity of your with a wider audience, hashtags can be handy for both aspects. But before using hashtags, you must aware of the effective use of it. Set a proper strategy following some techniques, and then surely you will get closer to your goals. Otherwise, it is nothing but a waste of time.

Some of the distinctive points you need to focus on this are:

  • Figure out the hashtags density by searching it into the search bar. Not always pursue the hashtags that have a greater number of posts - as more the volume a hashtag has, the greater the competition it will have.

  • Go with quality rather than quantity.

  • Use relevant hashtags that are related to your niche. Writing hashtags apart from your relevancy will do nothing.


Treat Your Profile as Homepage

Your profile is the very first impression of your brand. Therefore, it is necessarily important to make it noteworthy enough to grab the attention of eyeballs. Besides making it noticeable, you should also optimise it to make your business more lucrative. There is only one spot where Instagram allows its user to add links - it's on the page bio section. This can work as a bridge to direct audience of your page to visit your site.

Besides this, you can also add Stories Highlights into your profile below to the bio section. If you notice that specific content is working better, you can add that to your Instagram highlights to get it in front of even more people. Similarly, in case of a business account, if you are offering a discount over any product, then it is reasonable to mention in highlights.

Whether you are optimising your site in terms of adding a bio, setting an appealing profile picture, or any other, all these techniques will stimulate visitors to click the follower button or to make an action. Therefore, this is a useful and simple step that can help you a lot.

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Start your conversations with Instagram Stories

Due to the way Instagram Stories influence Instagram marketing, this is now the most powerful feature on this platform. And what's the reason for that? Most Instagram users prefer to tap through and watch these instead of scrolling through the newsfeed.


Incorporate the use of Instagram Analytics into your strategy

You’re executing your marketing strategy, but how would you know if that's working or not? To cope up with this, Instagram allows its users to use a built-in feature - Instagram analytics. If you’re ignoring this feature then you are wasting many opportunities. 

To get access to this feature you need to have a business account. You can switch personal accounts into business accounts but for this remember to link your Facebook account with it. 

Here are some of the insights you will see by using Instagram analytics: 

  • Impressions: Number of times your posts have been seen in a specific time.
  • Reach: Number of unique accounts that have seen your posts.
  • Mentions: Number of times your Instagram handle is being mentioned by other users.
  • Interactions: Number of actions that are taken by the audience at your account. 
  • Profile Visits: Total number of weekly profile views.
  • Website Clicks: Number of times visitors have clicked the link to your website from your profile page.

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Cross-promotion of your Content

A technique that is largely used by marketers to get more exposure is to cross-promote your content at other social media platforms. But how can this technique get you more Instagram followers? Promoting your content at other platforms will help more people find your brand page.


Invest in Instagram Ads

Depending on your marketing budget, you can also use paid methods to turbo-charge your visibility. If you use Instagram then surely you have seen ads coming in between the posts. This is a way of getting instant results and increase your page's reach, as it shares your content directly with your targeted audience.

Whatever's your business, information videos might be helpful and engaging to your target.


Social Media Influencers

Another way to increase your number of followers, as well as the reach of your page, is to collaborate with influencers or different brands. You can arrange for them to share your content or partner with them for giveaways. Remember that to pull off an effective influencer marketing campaign you need to work with the right social media influencers.

You can also share their content, with their consent of course. This can contribute positively to your page's credibility and increase the number of followers, as this will give their followers a reason to click on the following button when they visit your profile.

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These are at the moment some of the most valuable ways to attract, interact and engage with new followers and certainly boost your following. Do you have any extra advice to increase Instagram followers?

After reading these steps, you are ready to start executing. And remember, the more practice you will do, the more effective your strategy will be.

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