Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 - What to Expect This Year

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving phenomenon. As each new year rolls by, digital marketers and consumers can expect to see new trends that will shape the course of buyer-seller interactions all year long. To have a clear-cut plan for the year, it is important to spot these trends before they become popular and get ahead of them.

While no one can confidently say where digital marketing is headed in 2022, we can make some predictions. Keep reading to discover what might very well be the top digital marketing trends of 2022.

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A brief look into the past - Digital Marketing trends in 2021

In 2021, digital marketing skyrocketed far higher than it ever had. New, unexpected trends dominated the playing field, including the boom of AI in marketing—something that has now found its way into 2022’s likely trends. Top digital marketing trends for 2021 included:

Interactive Content

With the effects of the pandemic and lockdown, there was a significant increase in people actively browsing the internet every day. As such, the best way to grab and keep attention was with interactive content that would both engage and entertain audiences. Content including quizzes, puzzles, questionnaires, and giveaways or contests performed excellently.


Local SEO Buzz

2021 saw a much-appreciated boom in online visibility for small local businesses. “Near me” Google searches peaked as consumers who were mostly confined to their homes and neighbourhoods began to shop more locally.


AI boom in Digital Marketing

In an unexpected twist, AI came onto the digital marketing scene. When used correctly, artificial intelligence greatly optimises and improves digital marketing strategies. It provides relevant insights into user behaviour and appropriate analysis of campaign performances.


The Rise in Video Marketing

Beyond social media platforms, video content has become an invaluable resource in digital marketing. The efficient combination of audio and visual content showed tremendous power for grabbing attention and keeping audiences engaged.



What To Expect With Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Building Conversation and Storytelling

2021 ushered in a new era of brand-consumer relations. With genuine storytelling and human conversations, these two parties could reach a new level of understanding across the board. In 2022, we see this carrying on and becoming an even more vital aspect of digital marketing.

Social media stories (such as Instagram stories) now attract and retain more customers than any other storytelling platform. Brands can build better connections with users and directly budge them towards a desired course of action.

Warby Parker Instagram stories campaign.


Multi-Device Presence

In 2022, users are more likely to experience brands and shopping across various devices. Brands must catch their intended consumers with an omnichannel presence from quick searches on their mobile phones to finally purchasing through their computers.


Inclusive Campaigns

In 2021, inclusivity was prevalent. In 2022, diversity, inclusivity, and equity will be game-changers for any digital marketing campaign. Brands looking to attract more consumers from all walks of life must identify the pressing need for inclusivity and incorporate it. This includes:

  • Creating diverse user personas backed by thorough and unbiased research.

  • Making a genuine effort to highlight diverse voices in digital campaigns.

  • Publishing campaigns in inclusive tones and expressions.

Gillette: First Shave #MyBestSelf campaign.


“Short and Sweet” - Video Marketing

Although consumers spend more time on their phones, they now look for shorter-form content to “consume and go.”

Most social media platforms have adopted short-form content features for this very reason; TikTok, the pioneer short-form platform, Instagram- Reels, and YouTube Shorts are excellent examples.


Artificial Intelligence

From its gradual ascent to digital marketing relevance in 2021, it appears that artificial intelligence is here to stay. AI has brought an irreplaceable league of user behaviour insight and intuitive reporting.

Digital marketing campaigns now enjoy automated marketing tasks while learning to tailor content better to users’ needs.

Sephora was an early adopter of AI. They began using a chatbot to dispense beauty advice on Kik in 2017.


Consumer Privacy and Transparency

In 2022, users will focus more on the authenticity and security that brands can offer them. The spike in digital marketing trends has also sparked suspicion in brands’ ability to track, store, and utilise user behaviour trends. Digital marketers will find the nature of campaigns significantly altered with the curtailing of third-party cookies and other behavioural tracking strategies.


Shoppable Live Streaming

In 2022, you can expect to see more live-streamed content than ever before. Since the onset of the pandemic, social media users have found shoppable live streaming a much safer alternative to physical shopping. Brands looking to get on this trend early must establish their social media presence and take advantage of it.

Watch, Chat, Shop: Live Shopping on Twitter.


The Metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrency

Over the past few years, NFTs and online currencies have risen in relevance too much to be missed out on or ignored. In October 2021, social media magnate Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Metaverse. While the world waits for more of it to unfold, brands must evaluate their strategies and how these growing technology pillars fit into their stories.



In recent years, customer and brand values have intersected more. Many brands have picked up on the sustainability culture, thus attracting more consumers who would otherwise abstain. Search engines saw a significant rise in “sustainable brands” searches across the globe.

Digital marketing campaigns in 2022 must consider this growing consumer value while brands devise ways to transparency and sustainability. 


What other trends are you considering in your digital marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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