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Whether your business sells products or services online, engages in internet advertising or uses social media to interact with customers, digital marketing is an activity that simply can’t be ignored. In this blog, I will illustrate the benefits of digital marketing and why your organisation should develop in-house digital marketing skills.


Developing in-house digital marketing skills is cost effective

While digital marketing agencies may add value, they can be very expensive and will leave your business dependent on external skills. Therefore, many digital marketing managers strongly advocate investing internally by developing existing staff into digital marketing experts.

How can an organisation build these skills? Investing in high-quality digital marketing training is the primary way to develop in-house expertise. We provide industry-focused courses with assignments based on projects relevant to the real world. We show students how to perform a wide variety of digital marketing activities, such as search engine optimisation and creating online advertising campaigns.

Our Postgraduate Diploma course also gives students the skills needed to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies. With this skillset, an organisation can engage in digital marketing activities at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to a digital marketing agency.


Digital marketing provides measurable results

Two of the biggest challenges for modern marketers are being able to find potential customers and being able to prove that marketing activities actually deliver a return on investment (see Hubspot for more information).

We offer courses which explain the latest thinking in marketing and gives students the tools to increase website traffic, engage audiences with compelling content and increase sales using a variety of proven techniques.

Our courses also cover performance management – an essential skill which teaches students how to use online analytics to monitor website performance and track the return on investment from digital marketing activities.


Digital marketing can significantly reduce business costs

Owing or renting a physical premises can be very expensive. A further drawback is that the business is limited to selling to local customers or those willing to travel to the business location.

A website which allows customers to purchase goods or services online can have a global reach without ever having to set up physical premises. In order to add value and attract customers, the website needs to be well designed, easy to navigate and responsive to mobile devices.

Our courses are designed to give students the skills to optimise websites, attract customers with engaging content and increase website ranking on search engines.


Engage with customers to drive growth

Customers today are more empowered than ever before, with more choices, greater demands and easier access to detailed information. It’s extremely common for customers to carry out research online before making purchases, with some customers even knowing more than sales professionals when it comes to product information (see AdWeek for more information).

However, the sheer amount of information now available can overwhelm potential customers. This is why audiences need someone to deliver objective information in an easy-to-digest format.

Our digital marketing courses illustrate how businesses use compelling content and social media marketing to engage audiences online. This builds customer trust and enables the organisation to become a thought leader in its industry.


Digital marketing is disrupting business

Successful businesses are embracing digital marketing activities in order to understand and meet customer needs. Armed with the right digital marketing skills, you can improve your organisation’s digital presence, generate more sales and improve your career prospects.

Still not convinced that you need to invest in digital marketing skills? Watch this video which shows how digital marketing is disrupting every area of business.

To find out how you can excel in the exciting world of digital marketing, visit our courses page.


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Written by: Robert Farrell

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